Social Support Individual

Some days can get lonely or we would just like some help to get things done around the home. Social Support Individual services are designed to keep you connected with your community and assisting you to maintain your independence at home.

Accompanied Activities

Routine shopping activities and attending personal appointments are not always easy when we are feeling unwell.

With the help of a friendly team member you will be able to enjoy the ability to get to the shops where you can choose your own groceries or have someone to chat to while waiting for an appointment.

Having someone with you to help with the bags and attending appointments can give you back the confidence towards reabling you to perform these activities independently.

TeleCare - Daily phone calls

If you are longing for a friendly voice TransCare can help.

Through our daily phone call service a friendly volunteer will be arranged to call at an agreed time to check in. They will get to know you and will have a chat about what you have planned for the day or week.

If our volunteer makes the call and it is unanswered we have procedures in place to follow up and make sure everything is okay.

Our aim is to encourage and reable you to confidently work within your daily routines.


One of the biggest challenges for members of the community as they age is feeling isolated in their lives.

TransCare offers companionship services that are a chance to just relax and enjoy some company and at the same time encourages clients to achieve these goals independently.

We can help you to engage in activities like reading the paper, writing letters, sending emails, accessing websites, sorting photos, or watering plants, etc.

These daily activities can be more enjoyable with company while you chat and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.