TransCare vehicle updates thanks to Muswellbrook Clubs support

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TransCare drivers and vehicles will have an extra set of eyes on their side in the coming weeks.

Thanks to the help of the Muswellbrook Local Government Area Club Grant Committee, dash cams will be fitted to the community not-for-profit groups vehicles.

The 13 cars and 7 buses travel over 38 000 kilometers a month- on both community bus runs and taking clients to local and long distant appointments.

“We all see the accidents and near misses on TV and social media due to the installation of dash cams and the fact that we have vehicles out there every single day means that we can capture footage that may assist,” TransCare CEO Alan Gordon said.MR Dashcams for TransCare

“We have been thinking about utilising dash cams for some time now and were looking at funding the project through our own means or through a government program.”

“In the meantime Daryl Egan and Scott Bailey, from Muswellbrook RSL and Workers Club respectively, said that they would provide some financial assistance because they could see the value of having the cameras on board TransCare's vehicles.

Scott Bailey, Muswellbrook and District Workers Club manager, said they were happy to put their support behind the proposal.

“We’re happy to help TransCare and realise that they provide a vital service to the community,” he said.

“There’s plenty of our members, and I’m sure plenty of the RSL members, that use it.”

Muswellbrook RSL Club manager Daryl Egan added that the dash cams would be an important feature to help protect not only the drivers, but the people being transported to appointments.

In addition to the dash cams, buses in the TransCare fleet will have rearward cameras that will film passengers on the bus. This is a security feature, should any accidents or incidents happen outside of the drivers’ line of sight.

If you would like to know anything more about services offered by TransCare, including community bus runs, cleaning services and more, visit or phone (02) 6545 3113

Our Community Partners

TransCare are very grateful to our generous community who make it possible for us to offer our services to the Upper Hunter.