TransCare registered COVID Safe

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In late July 2020 TransCare registered as a COVID Safe business to be proactive and at the request of the NSW Government to ensure as many businesses are COVID Safe as possible.

Staff have completed a COVID-19 Safety Plan that includes our staff, volunteer and client directions in regard to hygiene and safety, physical distancing, recording of contact details and staff wellbeing.

This plan has been registered with the NSW Government which has entitled us to be classified as COVID Safe.

Our staff and volunteers have all had the strict vehicle cleaning processes taught to them which include sanitising after each passenger or driver exits the vehicle using approved cleaning products.

Personal protective equipment is supplied to all staff and volunteers reflecting their needs based on the task they are undertaking to ensure their safety and that of our clients, many of whom fall in the high risk category for COVID-19.

Our Community Transport bus services are still operating with restricted numbers to ensure clients are able to socially distance for their trip, and in cars the client is required to sit in the back seat on the passenger side. Masks are available for passengers and drivers on all services if required.

All clients, regardless of service, will be asked a series of screening questions prior to receiving a service from TransCare. We expect that individuals will be honest and considerate with us when answering these questions, it is in the best interest of everyone in our community that we stay on top of the spread of COVID-19.

As an organisation we are aiming to be proactive in our approach to the situation, insuring that practices are in place that reduce the risk of transmission and ensure easy contact tracing if required.

We are monitoring the situation and the latest advice from NSW Health and State or Federal Government Public Health Orders.

Our Community Partners

TransCare are very grateful to our generous community who make it possible for us to offer our services to the Upper Hunter.