National Disability Insurance Scheme

There are around 4.3 million Australians who have a disability. When it is fully rolled out, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will provide about 460,000 Australians under the age of 65, who have permanent and significant disability, with funding for supports and services.

If you are eligible for the NDIS and have received an ‘access decision’ letter, the next step is creating your NDIS Plan.

Once your plan is approved, you need to understand different types of budgets, who can help you start your plan, how your plan is managed, and how to use the myplace portal.

The NDIS is designed to increase a person’s skills and independence so they can live a better life. As you work towards and achieve your goals, the amount of support you need will likely change.

Your plan review is an opportunity for you to check if your supports are working for you and they are helping you work towards, and achieve your goals.

Depending on your preference, a plan review can be done face-to-face or over the phone. You are welcome to bring along, or include in the call, a family member, friend, advocate or other person when your plan is reviewed.

Your first NDIS plan review usually falls 12 months after your plan started.

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